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KalaYah's Klass Kartoon Tryouts!!
Spring 2022
We're diving into the world of animation! KalaYah's Klass is a cartoon that will star the students of Yachaad Yasharahla Cottage and Online School and friends. Students will also share the responsibility of content (writing , producing and editing) material for the show and acting. Students will see reflection of their participation in their Literacy and Comprehension, Public Speaking, Computer Competency and Coding grades. So try out! 
If you are not an active student but interested in trying out for KalaYah's Klass please email us at or fill out the contact us form on this website. 


Spelling Bee Registration Form
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Class Is In Session!!

Winter 2022   December - March

Come Listen i to the Hebrew One Student News Channel Here on the YYCS Site!!!

The Second Annual Hebrew National Israelite Spelling Bee. 

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